Lets take your X-Plane to the new level of realism
Current version      1.06                                         X-Plane 10 & 11 compatible
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Real time meteorological data with a smooth refresh interval from 5 up to 60 minutes.
Atmosphere condition based on dynamic air parcel prediction model used for real aviation research and training.
Unlimited variability of cloud formations generated dynamically by the atmosphere model engine.
New realistic sky coloring based on phenomenal Perez sky model recognized as international standard.
Actual wind direction and speed for all levels, temperature, turbulence, icing, thunderstorms, windshear.
Visual effects for different types of precipitation and phenomena: rain showers, snow, fog.
Reflective raindrops on windshield for 2D forward views without panel.
Volumetric cloud entrance, in-cloud and exit visual effects.
Visual effects of aircraft lighting in clouds (strobe lights, beacon lights, navigation lights, landing lights).
Landing lights “screen” effect during in-cloud and foggy flight.
Volumetric lights effect for selected set of aircrafts.
Light reflected by cloud surface from urban lights with various intensity.
High quality dynamic cloud shading.
Customisable cloud density and range.
Realistic braking action and braking degradation based on actual reports.
Display saturation, color gamma and cloud density change, depending on weather conditions and time of day in real time.
Environmental sound engine with ambient sounds and capability to add custom sounds to X-Plane scenery.

xEnviro has a user-friendly interface with flexible settings for each component.
xEnviro uses its own cloud textures along with its own sound library.
xEnviro does NOT require installations of 3rd party products or libraries and is fully ready to use after installation.
xEnviro software is constantly being updated.

xEnviro has been designed by simmers for simmers!



Aleksey Antonov          Andrey Sheybak          Aleksey Kartashov          Ivan Sobolev          Aleksey Kolomin

Matvey Malyshenko          Vasily Stas          Vyacheslav Shleniov          Pascal Reichel          Michael Larsen

Maksim Khromtsov          Ivan Chernov          Max Broken          Andrey Yelnikov          Dmitri Kotelnikov          

Fedor Banschikov          Anatoly Maksimychev          Pavel Andreevich          Juan Garay          Alexander Fedotov

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